Have a seat

Seats to Meet is our event for you. You can look around in our workplace and ask our colleagues anything you want. It’s an afternoon jam-packed with state-of-the-art technology and personal contact. Perhaps you want to join Sioux after this look behind the scenes? Or perhaps not? No worries: either way is fine.

This is how it works: you choose a discipline to your liking. Better yet: you also choose a specific role that you want to talk about with one of our colleagues. A system architect for example, or a software engineer. This way, Seats to meet is all about you and your interests.

Our event is small scaled, personal and attendants are all tech-heads. Just like us. Towards the end of the afternoon, we all sit down for a bite to eat. And you’re welcome to join in.

‘We can tell you all about the typical Sioux-culture. About how you can develop yourself, like nowhere else. But we’d rather have you see and experience it yourself.’

Seats to meet = 

  • An afternoon that lets you experience our culture and colleagues
  • Tailored to your (technical) expertise and interests
  • Subject matter demo’s, guided tours and a bite to eat
  • 100% unconditional: it’s up to you whether to join us, or not
  • Discrete: we understand if you want to keep your attendance to yourself