It feels like just yesterday that we started Sioux Technologies 25 years ago. We were young, we were full of ideas and we knew how things could and had to be done better. We wanted to build a sustainable company where the employees, the quality and the company culture were the pillars. Our dream: to be the best high-tech company with the best employees.

Nothing has changed about that 25 years later, except that we ourselves have become a bit older. We have always steered Sioux to be a value-driven company for our customers and our employees, focused on long-term success. We will keep that strategic direction.

The success of Sioux is achieved by the complementary strengths of all our employees. Together we are Sioux. Together we can make the impossible...possible, for our valued customers and the world around us.

It were 25 great years so far and we are eager to continue on this road together with all of you.

With fun and value,
Hans Duisters & Erik van Rijswijk