Trends in telecom

The digitization of communication technology has been enormous. In many ways, it has become the backbone of modern society; for example, in the provision of information, work, leisure and the interaction between people, companies and authorities... On all these fronts, developments are still moving extremely fast. This brings several major challenges to the telecom industry in terms of guaranteeing security, creating scalable solutions and increasing bandwidth for streaming services. Other leading current development themes concern the realization of stable wireless communication, accessibility of devices and fail-safe applications. Sioux supports OEMs in addressing these challenges.


Sioux has expertise in innovative software and mathware that is essential for the performance and functionality of communication systems, products and apps. Moreover, we know the market and innovation domain of companies in telecom like no other. Sioux adds value by developing secure and fraud-proof software from the drawing board onwards. We apply various contemporary technologies and methodologies such as containers in cloud environments, virtualization, decoding algorithms, open-source coding and machine learning. This enables us to develop new flexible solutions for a market with ever-changing and more demanding requirements in terms of functionality, stability, security and user numbers. This allows us to accelerate the realization of the next generation of communication technology in a cost-effective manner.

Telecom services

Up to 35 percent of bandwidth of large internet solution providers is lost due to cyber-attacks. Sioux helps to overcome this problem with software specialists who also act as ethical hackers and penetration testers from the earliest stages of development and testing.
Software and virtualization
Telecom is leaving behind the development of specialized network devices. Sioux develops software solutions in a virtualized environment that connect well with the major cloud providers. These facilitate, amongst others, scalability and flexibility in following trends.
Data rate
The need for data speed is increasing, for example for on-demand access to video and audio channels to an uncontrolled number of end devices. Sioux is an expert in new compression techniques and decoding algorithms to enable this Over The Top market requirement.
Reliable wireless communication
Sioux develops intelligent software - supported by artificial intelligence and machine learning - to fully automatically tune WiFi antennas and devices to communicate seamlessly with each other.
Open Standards
Making the source code of your development available is a requirement of some manufacturers and internet solution providers, Sioux contributes to this open source community, among others through OpenWRT- and prpl-developments.
Industrial telecom solutions with many simultaneous users and costly enterprise installations such as 5G and wind farms demand business-critical software. Sioux disarms single point of failures using redundancy, watchdog mechanisms and self-healing autonomous software.

'Sioux contracts and takes on fixed prices projects and quickly switch between their international locations.'

Koen De Bruyn,
Chief Architect at Niko

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