Trends in Agro & Food

Agro & Food is an important pillar of the Dutch economy. For example, our agricultural sector - one of the most modern in the world - accounted for more than EUR 100 billion in exported goods in 2021. However, the challenges for the future are manifold, including the burden on nature and the environment, waste, food safety, the labour market and animal welfare. On the other hand, there are great opportunities; the global demand for food will increase by about 50 percent in the next three decades as a result of population growth.

Technological innovation is therefore crucial for agriculture, horticulture, livestock farming, food manufacturers and their suppliers. For example, automation, digitization and artificial intelligence can greatly help to increase production while reducing the required resources such as land, energy, labour and pesticides, and saving costs.


Sioux supports companies in the Agro & Food industry in the realisation of advanced high-tech systems. We develop, build and integrate soft- and hardware solutions for a wide range of applications. These vary from automated cultivation platforms, intelligent monitoring of crops and milking robots, to hatcheries and automated guided agricultural vehicles and picking robots.

Sioux distinguishes itself through exceptional expertise in big data analysis, machine software, algorithms and image recognition and processing. With this we create the next generation technology for future proof food production chains - technology which allows companies in the Agro & Food industry to improve their products, services and processes, cost effectively and sustainably.

Agro & Food Services

Data to information
The use of sensors to collect all kinds of data is increasing exponentially in glass and horticulture. Sioux has impressive expertise in applying data science, algorithmic and modelling to turn that data into relevant information, and the development of devices to make it accessible.
Automated Guided Vehicles
Automated Guided Vehicles are increasingly being used to automate activities in greenhouses, production facilities or in the field. Sioux supports developers of these vehicles with smart software and mathware for control and operating systems.
Object identification
Increasing the efficiency of food production requires good monitoring of products. Sioux is an expert in the recognition and processing of video and photo images, for example for classifying crops, determining growth stages and identifying diseases.
Machine software
Sioux has an enormous know-how and experience regarding the control, monitoring and connection of systems. Think of the application of communication protocols such as CAN, ISOBUS, Modbus, BACnet, EtherCAT for the control of tools, machines and systems.

'If you bring in Sioux, you will get exceptional professionals with a high level of empathy for the end-user'

Nicolas Christiaens,
R&D Manager of Petersime

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