Better solutions

The search for the best of all feasible solutions is in our nature and our daily thinking. When it comes to complex issues, mathematical optimization can offer a solution. Sioux Technologies applies this broad field to get the most out of the processes and products of our customers. We translate their efficiency challenges into mathematical optimization problems. We solve these problems using existing or in-house developed algorithms.

Process optimization

The mathware specialists at Sioux use optimization to optimize logistic and operational processes within organizations. Calibration, identification and the control itself are central to the improvement of control technology. Mathematical optimization - modelling, algorithmics and implementation - makes projects tangible, measurable and verifiable. Moreover, it almost always leads to better solutions with regard to the relevant KPIs, for example, more efficient operations, higher precision, faster throughput, lower costs and a more robust process.


The field of mathematical optimization is developing rapidly. With the progression of algorithms new possibilities emerge, such as the control of fast processes and the processing of big data. Uncertainty in data and models can increasingly be included in the realization of reliable solutions. Sioux is at the forefront of this progress. We apply optimization as a fundamental building block in various domains; training in machine learning, filtering in signal processing, matching physical models to data, control of machines, routing issues... In doing so, Sioux combines a deep understanding of optimization with a broad expertise in mathware and in the development and production of high technology. This is how we guarantee optimum total solutions.


Machine control
Optimization algorithms for sub-problems such as calibration, system identification, condition estimation and control ensure optimization of machine control. Real-time implementation requires efficient solvers. We also develop these ourselves if needed.
Logistic processes
Sioux optimizes logistic processes such as routing, scheduling, bin packing, slotting and pick-and-place. Our approach includes calculating optimized choices, demonstrating robustness and quantifying performance.
Sensing and detection
To process and improve signals and data Sioux uses state-of-the-art methods, for example for the processing and reconstruction of spatial and sequential data sets. We achieve efficient practical solutions to complex optimization problems.

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