Sioux is a multidisciplinary technology partner for the semicon & solar industry

Our competencies include the design and realisation of intelligent software, electronics, mechatronics, mathware and the production of high-tech modules, systems and machines. Our way of creating added value is focusing on innovation, acceleration and cost-effectiveness.

You will not find another place with such a large volume of knowledge about ultra-precise motion and positioning under difficult conditions than in the high-tech region of Eindhoven, Sioux’s home base. Leading OEMs in the international semiconductor and solar industry develop and build the world's most advanced production machines there. They are extremely complex, multidisciplinary in technology and the volumes are small.

Sioux helps SoLayTec to the market 

In six years, SoLayTec grew from start-up to an international OEM. Sioux played an important role as co-developer of the innovative solar cells and as an investor.

Semicon Front-end processing                                          

  • Lithography        
  • Electron beam maskless lithography
  • Thin film depositioning (CVD, PVD)
  • Ion Implantation
  • Etching
  • Rapid thermal processing


  • Thin film depositioning (PECVD)
  • Atomic Layer depositioning (ALD)


Semicon Back-end processing

  • Surface Mount Technology
  • Laser Wafer dicing
  • Die & wire-bonding
  • Advanced Packaging
  • Wafer Inspection
The joint project team has performed at top level in the field of mechatronics.
‘The joint project team has performed at top level in the field of mechatronics.’

Robbert van Leijsen, R & D manager Kulicke & Soffa

Sioux has a huge amount of knowledge and experience in developing the hardware and software systems that determine the performance of high-tech equipment. As an R&D and assembly company, we can easily bridge the gap between development, manufacturing capabilities and efficiency in maintenance. Moreover, we regularly support our customers as co-financiers of innovation and new products. In this way, we help our customers perform better, faster and cheaper in their global market.


Co-developer of wafer handlers

ASML is unique in its kind. The manufacturer of lithographic machines is the world leader in size and technology. The company has a close relationship with Sioux, which among other things signed for parts of the system software and the mechatronics development of all generations of wafer handlers.

Development and assembly for advanced packaging machines

Sioux participates in several promising OEMs in the semicon and solar. One is K&S Liteq. In addition to investment partners, we are the leading developer and assembly partner of this manufacturer of advanced packaging machines.

Engineering waferdicers

ASM Laser Separation is a specialist in laser dicing and grooving. The Taiwanese company gave Sioux responsibility for the complete engineering of a new laser based wafer dicer, from the first design to the prototype building.

Sofware-, hardware-engineering and construction of wire and those bonders

Sioux helps Nexperia in the software- and hardware- engineering and construction of wire and those bonders. In addition, the joint effort is clear: it must be faster, better and at the lowest possible cost.

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