Trends in semicon

Since its inception, the semicon market has seen exponential growth in the computing power of chips – Moore’s law. This is currently driven, among other things, by the emergence of 5G and cloud and IOT applications. In addition, the integration of a wide variety of sensors is increasing. This is leading to the emergence of the next generation of chips with new packaging techniques, complex 3D architectures and exotic materials.

Developers of production machines are continuing to focus on increasing productivity and reducing costs, for example by building bridges between the production and metrological process and using machine learning for controlled and predictable processes. With new technologies such as virtual and augmented reality, design processes can be optimized and installation and maintenance can be controlled remotely. Sioux supports OEMs in solving all these challenges.


Sioux has enormous expertise in inspection systems, accurate positioning, extreme process conditions and handling and integration of new materials. In addition, we have exceptional competencies in data management and the creation of tools for qualification and testing. During the realization of complete machines or partial solutions, we use various advanced methodologies: model based systems engineering, hardware and software in the loop. This guarantees a shorter time-to-market and an optimal cost of ownership, from design to end of life.

Semicon Services

Inspection of systems and modules
Sioux develops and manufactures state-of-the-art inspection systems serving semicon equipment, and has experience in particle scanning, hyperspectral and holographic imaging, electron optics, cartridge SEM and anomaly detection with AI.
Realizing prototypes quickly, properly and cost-effectively requires a close interplay of mechatronic and software engineering. Sioux has all those building blocks and moreover has an impressive track record in this area.
Where, among other things, the demand for cost reduction and increasing yield in the production chain of chips is growing, generating, processing and analyzing data with AI and optimizing processes is essential. Sioux is a specialist in this field and creates optimized, robust and predictable processes.
Extreme process conditions
Sioux has enormous expertise in shaping production and processes under extreme conditions, for example with respect to high voltages and temperatures, cryogenics and vacuum. We offer smart solutions for high performance equipment.

'The joint project team has performed at top level in the field of mechatronics.'

Robbert van Leijsen,
R&D Manager of K&S

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