Intelligent Embedded Software for complex high-tech products 

Sioux relieves OEMs in developing high-quality innovative embedded software for optimal control of hardware features of high-tech equipment, such as precision positioning and optical monitoring. We are closely associated with their R&D and manufacturing processes. In this manner, we help them to improve their products, speed up their time-to-market and reduce costs.


  • Software Engineering (Requirements, Architecture, Design, Development, Implementation, Testing)
  • Software Testing Services 
  • Software Maintenance Services
  • Software Process Improvement 


  • MS Windows Embedded, Linux, VxWorks, Microcontroller (no OS) 
  • C, C ++, VHDL / FPGA, DSP
  • Soft PLC, Codesys, Beckhoff, B&R 
  • Sioux Embedded Sofware Platform (ESP)
  • Sioux Customizable Application Platform (SCAP)  
  • Model Driven Software Development (Verum ASD, Sioux Supermodels) 
  • Hard real-time software development

The quality of advanced modules, systems and machines is the result of multidisciplinary hardware and software solutions. Where technological boundaries in realising new products are shifted continuously, intelligent embedded design increasingly determines their functionality and performance. With an impressive track record in embedded software architecture, engineering, testing and maintenance, Sioux is therefore a valuable technology partner for high-tech OEMs.

Wassenburg Medical

Wassenburg Medical is a global player in the endoscope cleaning industry. Sioux supported the company, among other things, in the development of embedded software and electronics from the latest generation of high tech washer-disinfectors and dryers.

Sioux delivered a top level performance in developing embedded systems.
‘Sioux delivered a top level performance in developing embedded systems.’

Gerrit van der Beek, CEO Liteq 

The design and development of embedded systems requires a fundamental understanding of physics – what is actually going on inside machines - and the technical ability to translate this into software that allows equipment to do what it needs to do. The complexity of embedded development strategies for high-tech equipment is often huge, for example due to the high demands on robustness and time-critical algorithmics that drive real-time processes and cost-effectiveness in hardware solutions. Optimum solutions therefore require a combination of qualities such as high competence from individual developers, intensive collaboration within a dedicated team, knowledge of critical high-tech processes and experience in organising innovation at the cutting edge of hard and software. This distinguishes Sioux as an embedded development partner of an exceptional level.