Trends in mobility & infra

The worlds of mobility and infrastructure are increasingly converging. The automotive industry is rapidly transforming with autonomous driving, advanced driver-assistance, electrification and connected services as key trends. As a result, the focus in system development is shifting to a more software-oriented approach, and vehicle electrical networks must meet increasingly higher standards. This has - also from the point of view of functional safety - a snowball effect on technological complexity. At the same time - partly due to the influence of increasing traffic and the emergence of smart cities - a new demand for smart mobility and intelligent infrastructure is growing. This results in increasingly sophisticated automated systems that facilitate the interaction between vehicles and their environment, for example to create more capacity, safety and sustainability. Sioux operates at the heart of this technological revolution.


Sioux provides integrated solutions for complex electronic systems of buses, trucks, cars and special vehicles. We develop, integrate, test and deliver embedded software and hardware (sub)systems, from the earliest design stages through serial release. Our areas of work include secure and robust controllers, intuitive and user-friendly HMIs, and modular vehicle E/E architecture.

Sioux also bridges the gap with the development of smart mobility and intelligent infrastructure, based on a broader vision of the vehicles and transport of the future. We design, build and implement high-end systems for the observation of traffic flows, signaling for safety and simulation for training and verification. Sioux acts as an extension of the research and production departments of OEMs in automotive, traffic, transport and infrastructure. As a system partner with extensive knowledge in the field of mechatronics and software, but also in the field of data science, machine learning and image analysis, we help them to perform better, faster and cheaper.

Mobility & infra services

Secure data technologies
Optimization of the interaction between vehicles, traffic and back office ensures efficiency in time and costs. Sioux masters the technology to unlock vehicle data via the cloud and provide users with the right feedback so they can take timely action.
Signaling systems for safety, traffic flow and maintenance
Sioux supports in the development of complex sensors for monitoring the condition of critical infrastructure such as bridges and tunnels. Furthermore, Sioux processes sensor data into direct feedback to road users to ensure safety and traffic flow.
Smart sensors
A comprehensive and reliable worldview is essential for safe decision-making through advanced driver-assistance systems. Sioux has tremendous expertise in implementing smart sensors, sensor fusion, data analytics and artificial intelligence that facilitates this.
Secure and robust controllers
Sioux develops customer specific, robust and reliable controllers (ADAS, body, telematics, drive Train) that meet Functional Safety requirements. We support customers from early development through to vehicle integration and certification against standards such as ISO26262 and IEC61508.
Intuitive and user-friendly HMI
Vehicles with advanced functionalities require contemporary Human Machine Interfaces. In creating these, Sioux focuses on optimizing the user experience, interface design and collaboration with network functions, among other things.
System development and implementation
The testing, validation and lifecycle management of electronic systems is an increasingly demanding task. Sioux uses agile and ASPICE-based development, digital twinning and rapid prototyping to ensure speed and quality.
Modular vehicle E/E architecture
Complex system development remains under control, in part by defining a modular, configurable and flexible architecture with a software-centric approach and decoupling hardware and software to separate development from suppliers.
Efficiency in logistics and transportation
Shortening logistics processes not only creates a better service, it also substantially saves costs. Sioux uses vision technology in combination with other sensors to automate controls and speed up processes.
Simulation systems for training and verification
Sioux combines augmented reality, modeling and digital twinning when creating simulation systems. This way we provide optimal visualization and realistic feedback, for example for training and the testing and maintenance of traffic systems.

'We could not succeed without a development party with exceptional expertise in the design and engineering of complex robots with intelligent visual systems'

Oscar Maan,
Innovation Manager at Airport Schiphol

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