Vehicle data

Optimization of the interaction between vehicles, traffic systems and back offices ensures efficiency in time and costs. Sioux has all technologies required to unlock vehicle data via the cloud and provide users with the right feedback so they can take timely action. Examples are fleet and lease portals, connected car services, dealer portals, off-road vehicle tracking.

Using a telematics control unit connected to vehicle controller networks, data is gathered, preprocessed and send to a backend system in the cloud. Connected with other services data is translated into information which is visualized in portals, reports and mobile apps.

Security and privacy 

Security and privacy regulations play an important role in designing IoT systems. Same goes for system reliability since primary business processes rely on these systems. Sioux has experience connecting hundred-thousands of vehicles, providing information to drivers, fleet owners, dealers and lease car companies.

Examples of used technologies

  • Onboard unit: C/C++, Java, electronics, GPS, modem, 3G / GPRS, Bluetooth, CAN, CAN FD, LIN, CANOpen, J1939,  G-sensor
  • Backend system: AWS, Azure, Ali Cloud, C++, C#, .NET, JAVA, SQL, Databases, REST, API, TLS, SSL, IIS, OAUTH, data warehousing, BI
  • Mobile apps: iOS, Android, Ionic, React, Angular, Flutter, Xamarin, HTML5