Innovative technology 'predicts' full waste container

The City of Amsterdam starts a cooperation with Sioux Technologies, Total Waste Systems, and Appora/21south (STA) to collect waste in a 'dynamic' way. With the help of technology, like vehicle telematics, fill grade sensors, prediction functionalities, navigation systems as well as personnel and vehicle planning, the waste collection in the city is becoming more and more efficient. The mathematical competences of Sioux play a key role in tackling the optimization issues and in big data analysis.

Environmentally friendly way of waste collection
Dynamic collection changes the way waste is collected. Containers will only be collected when they are (almost) full. The new, innovative solution reduces unnecessary driving, mileage and diesel emission, which in turn contributes to a better quality of life for the residents of Amsterdam.

Predict full containers
Containers in areas where the waste supply is very turbulent are provided with fill grade sensors that can pass on the actual filling level of the containers. Analysis of this data and use of the reporting system show trends that can be used to optimise future pick-up times and routes.

From test to execution
In the first half of 2020, the technology for dynamic waste collection was successfully tested in a practical and a simulation test. Amsterdam is now phasing in the technology and will start dynamic collection in the first urban area in October 2020. Within 18 months the dynamic collection will be rolled out throughout the city for all waste streams.

Innovation partnership
In January 2020 the municipality of Amsterdam awarded a Research and Development assignment to Sioux Technologies, Total Waste Systems, and Appora/21south (STA). Together the three partners will provide a complete solution for the waste collection of the municipality of Amsterdam. Sioux Technologies will use its mathematical competencies in this project to address this optimisation issue. Total Waste Systems is supplier of filling degree measurement of Enevo and Appora/21south integrates with 21QUBZ (a platform developed on the basis of Mendix) all parts into one system for the collection activities for company and household waste.