The European Intelligent Motion Control under Industry4.E project, abbreviated to iMOCO4.e, has been launched with the aim of making control systems fast, precise, autonomous and (safely) accessible.

Sioux Technologies is leading the consortium of 46 project partners, consisting of multinationals, universities and institutes from 13 European countries. The iMOCO4.e consortium builds on the knowledge and expertise gained in the earlier European i-mech consortium.

AI and preventive maintenance
By combining Artificial Intelligence and fast interaction with the 'physics' of the device, iMOCO4.e wants to make customer applications perform better and predict when maintenance is needed.
For example:

  • More precise positioning of an operating robot for cardiovascular surgery and automatic signaling of system updates.
  • Robotizing the placement of explosives for mining.
  • Making chip positioning machines faster, predicting the 'down' time and providing advice at factory level to increase the utilization rate of the production line.
  • Making the movement of a filament printer more dynamic, while reducing sensitivity to temperature effects.

Digital twin
Fundamental understanding of this type of system is essential. The behaviour of the system must be modelled at each abstraction layer of the machine (from physical behaviour to interaction with the factory) with tools that communicate well with each other. These digital twins give us insight and enable us to improve local machine settings and support global processes.