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Sioux Source 2020

Hans Duisters, founder Sioux Technologies:
"No one can do it alone. This rule applies especially in the world of Sioux Technologies. Our know-how is developing at lightning speed. The complexity of technology is growing exponentially. Due to fierce international competition and increasingly short life cycles, the time-to-market is also constantly decreasing. All of this creates a lot of pressure for OEMs in terms of competences, organization and costs.

Anyone who wants to excel in this impressive field of forces must collaborate for the development, industrialization and manufacturing of products. This starts by recognizing that the world is a big place. However impressive your company may be, even more knowledge and expertise in many fields can often be found outside. Using that – in particular in an open innovation model – will lead to success. We have been demonstrating that for years in Brainport, where Sioux is considered a high-tech strategic development and manufacturing partner to renowned OEMs. Our extensive internationalization ensures that this quality is now also being recognized in the rest of Europe, America and China. This obviously makes me very happy.

The common theme in this Source is the strength of the greater whole. That theme is highlighted from various perspectives. Elite athlete Pieter van den Hoogenband emphasizes that every achievement is a team achievement. The former King’s Commissioner for North Brabant, Wim van de Donk, talks about the strength of a close-knit network and a deep-rooted culture of confidence. Various articles explain how OEMs shape their collaboration with us and how Sioux serves its customers. I hope these stories will inspire you as much as they do me."