Last Friday Project MARCH revealed its new version of the exoskeleton (The MARCH VII). This robot suit provides support to people with spinal cord injuries to get back up and walk.

This year, the TU Delft student team decided to make the exoskeleton walk fully dynamically, by scanning its surroundings with 3D in depth cameras in real time. This allows the pilot to walk on different surfaces, from a normal street to a curvy forest path. The exoskeleton was also made more user-friendly by using a mobile phone as input device. The pilot can also step into the exoskeleton with his own shoes via a click mechanism. There is no more need to switch shoes.

What made it all extraordinary, was the addition of a Brain Computer Interface, allowing the pilot Koen van Zeeland to control the exoskeleton via his own brainwaves. By thinking of walking he could literally take his own steps. Giving natural control back to the user of the exoskeleton.

Project MARCH develops an innovative exoskeleton in annual iterations, with which they want to improve the quality of life of people with spinal cord injuries. Sioux is very proud of the progress Project MARCH made last year and is happy to support them every step of the way, now and in the future. Let's walk on together!

Photo: Project MARCH.