Only one week to go and then the 11th edition of the Quiz Night XL will take place during the Dutch Technology Festival. Sioux Technologies is again strongly represented as main sponsor of the event, and with 20 Sioux-teams competing for the win.

High-tech, High-fun
At Sioux, it’s all about high-tech and high-fun. That’s why we found the perfect match with the Quiz Night XL and the Dutch Technology Festival. We are focused on people first. We invest a lot in their knowhow and in fun activities. Because teams that have fun together, work better together. They are more innovative and have the power to make the world around us a smarter, healthier, more sustainable and more fun.

The expert knowledge of the people here makes all te difference in the tech world. All those smart people and their solutions are celebrated during the Dutch Technology Festival. So of course, Sioux wants to join those festivities. The Quiz Night XL is the place to be for us, because this combines a passion for knowledge with a lot of fun. And that is just the way, we like it!

Fun fact: Quiz Night XL is also the biggest tech pub in the Netherlands. The ideal location to try some of our delicious Sioux beer, created and brewed by our own engineers.

Dutch Technology Festival
Quiz Night XL is part of the Dutch Technology Festival. From June 15th to June 18th, everyone can see, feel and experience all kinds of technological surprises.

Come and take a look yourself!