Tim Bertholet started working at Sioux right after school, 18 years ago. He left, but also came back. He is now a senior software architect and is working towards a future as a system architect.

Pride and responsibility

Tim Bertholet: ‘At Sioux, they think ahead. As such we develop generic platforms here, for example for equipment control, digital twinning and motion control. These are constantly evolving. I find that challenging and interesting; working conceptually and getting more and more out of it. On top of that, it gives me a sense of ownership, pride, and responsibility. Maybe that is what drew me to a Sioux startup in building security after eight years of working at Sioux, the chance to help shape a company and a product. I drifted away from the mothership and made the switch. This was of course done in good agreement with Sioux. I was well supported in that step too, which is of course very special.’

Shared mindset

After three years, Bertholet returned to Sioux. The decisive factor was the opportunity to develop himself further. ‘In this mindset we find each other, and Sioux also puts its money where its mouth is. For example, everyone gets a personal development budget. You are also encouraged to make full use of it. In addition, the personal interest and involvement is high; during my time away, we still had regular contact. Sioux is now a specialist in system development that takes care of the entire process from concept and prototyping to the construction of complex modules and machines. This is where I see the next step for me, as a system architect. I have already had a chance to experience this during the Ultra-X project, where we co-developed the fantastic X-ray detection system for Thermo Fisher Scientific's latest electron microscope. That certainly tastes like more.’