Trends in Image & Printing

There is a huge digitization process is underway in Image & Printing. In the traditional graphic industry, offset and flexo are making way for inkjet printing. This offers many advantages, for example regarding the personalization of printed matter and flexibility in producing smaller series, which results in lower stocks and therefore cost reduction. Digital inkjet technology is also used for printing electronic circuits, also directly on Printed Circuit Boards. Especially where the highest quality requirements are set, the technical challenges here are still great.

Meanwhile, a whole new market is emerging; that of 3D printing (Additive Manufacturing). Think, for example, of printing products made of metal and plastic. The possibilities and applications are unprecedented; products are built up layer by layer, creating total freedom of design. However, in the coming years, considerable progress must be made in optimizing 3D printing technologies for the manufacture of reproducible high-quality products.



Sioux supports OEMs in Image & Printing in the development, prototyping, industrialization and production of contemporary modules and systems. In doing so, we help them increase the performance and functionality of their technology and take the step towards cost-effective, reliable production. In addition, we can build on our expertise in mechatronics, high speed electronics, embedded software, optics, modelling, big data and artificial intelligence (AI). Sioux’s solutions are numerous. We develop real-time machine control systems and printing strategies to achieve the right results. We also deploy predictive algorithms and self-learning systems to accurately control processes, both for the graphic industry, printed electronics and Additive Manufacturing.

Image & Printing Services

Office, Transactional and Graphics art (inkjet) printing
Sioux helps OEMs with the development of various assembly and production tools, for example, for measuring the coating thickness of toner rolls, the electrical charge of the drum segments and the discharge rate.
PCB printing
Sioux develops an inkjet printer for the direct realization of conductive tracks/lines on PCBs. This includes a Vision in the Loop system to assess the print results and the verification of the print image with the original.
Additive Manufacturing
With the rise of 3D printing and increasing application in various industries, the demand for optimizing the printing process, quality inspection and identification of the printed products is growing. Sioux provides services on all these innovation themes.

'Océ Technologies was a lead customer of Sioux for a long time. I still don’t know of any other company that puts result commitment as the core of its business model.'

Herman Vanlier,
Manager Equipment Engineering & Technical Services from Océ-Tehnologies

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