The customer’s challenge

In 2005 Nemo Healthcare started to develop a method for monitoring the condition of the unborn child by means of non-invasive electrophysiological recordings. From these recordings, which are performed on the abdomen of a pregnant woman, information is obtained both on mother and fetal heart activity and on uterine activity in a non-invasive and comfortable manner. Electrophysiological monitoring provides more accurate information than existing non-invasive monitoring technologies. Moreover, it delivers unique information that other methods cannot provide. 

Sioux's contribution

Sioux developed the Nemo Fetal Monitoring System NFMS, containing two front-end headboxes and a base station. The headbox contains sensitive analogue electronics, an ADC, a microcontroller with embedded software and a Bluetooth Low Energy chip for wireless communication to the base station. In this base station, the fetal heart rate, the mother’s heart rate, and the mother’s uterine activity are extracted from the measured signals. The base station can be connected to different CTG monitors.
Sioux assembles and tests the NFMS, fully in accordance with ISO 13485.


Nemo Healthcare moved from a proof of concept to a product that has been CE-certified in 2019.


Amplifiers, filtering, 16 bit ADC, Bluetooth Low Energy, Fibre optics,
ARM Cortex M3 microcontroller, Altium PCB layout, C, C++, Linux Yocto, QT, Sioux SCAP platform, Assembly and test.


Nemo Healthcare is a high-tech startup company focussing on the improvement of fetal monitoring, based on electrophysiological signals, non-invasively recorded on the maternal abdomen.