The customer’s challenge

Elekta Brachytherapy offers a wide range of hardware and software solutions that are controlled by a licensing system. Medical legislation requires traceability of licensed hardware and software, which makes this in-house developed licensing system a business-critical application. However, limits configurability, flexibility and maintainability of the current system have led to the decision that the system needs to be redesigned. Existing interfaces require the new system to be functionally identical, and downtime during development must be kept to a minimum. Turnkey operation for the new system is also required.

Sioux's contribution

Starting with the Unix scripting source code of the current licensing system, Sioux designed the new system’s requirements. Next, Sioux developed a functionally identical system in a modern programming language with a high degree of maintainability through off-the-shelf SQL database management tooling. The iterative project approach with early software deliveries in an acceptance environment ensured that the new system behaved in a functionally identical or better manner than the existing system. Close cooperation with the customer led to a set of test cases with over 90% coverage of the functional behavior.


The project was delivered on time and with high customer satisfaction scores (9 out of 10). The license request process continued without interruption during the new system’s introduction. Users are highly satisfied with the new system’s improved performance and maintainability.


Windows 7, C++, Poco, SQL, test automation, Agile and Visual Studio.



Elekta Brachytherapy solutions are part of Elekta’s leading radiation therapy portfolio with more than 35 years of Nucletron® innovations. Brachytherapy solutions are designed for precise, targeted treatment of various cancers. Brachytherapy is suited as a single modality or in combination with other treatments, like external beam radiation therapy.