Flexible and smart motion control platform

SAXCS is the name of a new approach to control systems. SAXCS is hardware independent, flexible, and highly suitable for both small and medium-sized production runs. There are many different solutions for OEM companies to choose from to help them reduce their customers’ costs of operation.

The solution

Model-based design for systems is becoming increasingly important (please be referred to Incose or the International Council on Systems Engineering’s roadmap). This has long since been the standard in the field of control technology. What is anything but standard is the fact that this same environment can be used to create software code for applications directly, with the mere press of a button. Sioux has created a software platform using leading company MathWorks’ tools. With SAXCS, we provide ‘content’ for this tool. We have built an interface around that, enabling this platform to be used on an industrial level.


  • Real-time controller sample rate up to 10 kHz
  • Advanced controllers (e.g. extended filtering, multi-variable, repetitive and/or iterative control)
  • Advanced generation of reference trajectories (e.g. 4th order with feedforward)
  • Coordinate transformation, using (inverse) kinematic models
  • Machine damage prevention
  • Primary/secondary control architecture
  • Scriptable sequences
    • ‘Recipes’ for operation
    • for testing
    • for calibration
  • Diagnostics like:
    • Trace logging (up to 10 kHz)
    • FRF generation
  • Selectable amplifiers, sensors & other generic I/O
  • Virtual commissioning through simulation of plant behavior
Planar motion stage

Planar motion stage

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Proven and available

The platform’s functionality has been proven and put into practice for many of our customers. This platform is available for OEM companies with small and medium-sized production runs, allowing them to benefit from the flexible, hardware-independent SAXCS approach. It will enable them to reduce the lead-time on their development and make them less dependent on hardware components. Download our brochure for more information.


For more information, please feel free to contact Arend-Jan Beltman via 040-2635000 or via email.