Hard and software solutions for vehicles, vehicle usage, mobility, distribution and simulation now and in the future

Working on future-proof vehicles and systems for contemporary vehicle use requires innovation force in the field of mechanics, electronics and software. The addition of intelligence through state-of-the-art software and mathware increasingly makes the difference. And this is the Sioux knowledge and experience domain par excellence.

Sioux supports OEMs and automotive suppliers in developing, building and integrating software and embedded systems. Additionally, we provide our own hardware products for critical vehicle and vehicle related processes. Our focus is on specific market segments such as trucks and buses, hybrid and electric cars, off-highway vehicles, material handling vehicles, agricultural and other special equipment.


Sioux developed an efficient and sustainable fleet management system for Fleetlogic. This hard- and software-application connects all vehicles within a fleet and has many functionalities. Fleetlogic enables customers to optimize routes, adjust schedules and maintenance at any time and location.

Sioux services

  • Architecture assessments
  • Safety & Security assessments
  • Compile requirements
  • Modeling and simulation
  • Architecture design and implementation of hardware and software
  • System integration and testing
  • HMI design
  • Integration of COTS (common of the shelf components) from Continental, Softing, Orlaco, Wabco, etc.
  • Wiring harness engineering

Sioux products

  • Automotive Service Toolkit
  • CAN-to-CAN gateway
  • CAN-to-LIN gateway
  • Door Control Unit
  • Network router
  • Tacho Replacement Unit
  • GPS speed converter CAN/Analog
  • Multiplex system components

In addition to in-car and car-related solutions, Sioux distinguishes itself as a developer of various systems and applications for observation, signaling, simulation, maintenance and training. We provide added value through an integral approach to technological innovation. Furthermore, we contribute to the business cases of clients by employing specific expertise - for example in the field of data mining, big data analysis, and portal and app development - and focusing on development themes such as feasibility, functionality, user friendliness, robustness and cost-effectiveness.

The real progress in the automotive industry is in software innovation.
‘The real progress in the automotive industry is in software innovation. ’

Carlo van de Weijer, Director of Smart Mobility at TU/e



Sioux worked with Gordon Murray Design to realize the Shell City Car of the future. In the development and construction of the concept car we were responsible for the body controller hardware, software implementation and full wiring harness. 


Marchi Mobile developed one of the most eye-catching vehicles in the world. EleMMents can serve as a mobile villa, flag ship store or private jet on wheels. Sioux supported by divergent technological challenges and the step of prototyping into a productive series product.


By finding out in time whether pantographs on trains require maintenance, costs can be saved and safety improved. Sioux developed complex algorithms for fast image recognition and analysis, and integrated into an existing camera system that monitors driving trains.