Sioux develops and builds intelligent software for advanced multidisciplinary high-tech systems. The application of state-of-the-art testing is indispensable; it contributes to efficiently determining the quality of this complex technology. This makes it possible, for example, to find and repair errors in early stages which increases the efficiency of development projects and save costs. 

Optimal performance

Sioux's test engineers are involved in creating demanding products from day one. This starts with contributing to the specifications of systems in such a way that they are testable. Then it is determined how the software will be tested in different project phases and which resources are required for this. Finally, tests are continuously developed, automated and executed. All this leads to accurate control of the quality of intermediate results and optimal performance of the final system.

Creativity and responsibility

The development and implementation of an effective test approach is extremely complex. For example, the optimal application of methods, techniques and tools strongly depends on the technology and the system to be developed. Sioux thereby reuses its test assets where possible and develops new ones if necessary. Testing within a development process that is dominated by Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery also requires creativity and taking responsibility. These are qualities that form the basis of Sioux's test community. This is characterized by a great diversity of engineers, designers and architects. They are constantly working on innovations and sharing their knowledge and experience. This way our team is prepared for every test challenge.

Testing solutions

Makers versus breakers
Developers look at requirements differently compared to testers. A developer wants to create a system that meets requirements. A tester, however, has the premise that the system does not meet the requirements and creatively looks for ways to prove it.
To test software without required hardware, a hardware simulator is used. This enables continuous and early testing of software functionality with virtual machines. This increases efficiency and reduces costs.
Model based testing (MBT)
With MBT, requirements are converted into a formal behavioral model. This is the basis for automatically generating test cases that can be automatically executed on the system under development. The labour-intensive maintenance of test cases gives way to the maintenance of more abstract behavioral models.

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