The customer’s challenge

Vecos wants to improve its locker systems by making them more intelligent, by enabling them to communicate with the users and by reducing the total amount of lockers needed for a customer.

Sioux's contribution

Sioux developed the ‘Releezme’ software platform, which consists of a cloud-based back end and intelligent locker systems that are able to connect with this back end. The users access their lockers via badges or can use a mobile app to easily find and access available lockers, allocate a locker from home, or open their locker remotely. Meaning more flexibility for the user and less hassle for the facility manager. Sioux also developed a big data system so that data from Releezme can be used (anonymously) as a data source. By integrating these data with business intelligence applications; the employee routing and the usage of storage space can be optimised by the customer.


The first version of Releezme was installed in June 2016 in a high-tech building in Sweden. This system connects more than 6,000 lockers to the cloud and makes them accessible for all end users. The system has been installed worldwide at dozens of customers.


Microsoft Azure, .NET, ASP.NET, C#, XML, Webservices, HTML5, CSS, SQL, MVC5 and jQuery.


VECOS is the market leader in electronic locker systems. These intelligent locker systems enable organizations to optimize space effectively; lockers are always close at hand, lockers can be shared, and the system does not require daily management.