The customer’s challenge

Customer Support had to be able to monitor and control the fleet of machines online. 

Sioux's contribution

To achieve monitoring and control, Sioux developed an intelligent remote service application. The machine submits data to a central server using a secure connection daily and in the event of any issues. The central server determines root causes for machine reboots, obtains higher-level information from the data and stores this for future reference. Many views are possible, such as the timeline view, which displays major machine events (machine errors, configuration changes and reboot reasons) on a time axis and detailed information on the bottom half of the screen. This allows support engineers to quickly navigate the major events and see detailed machine information at particular timestamps. Moreover, service engineers are able to control the machine remotely through its UI and take immediate action in case anything should go wrong.


Remote service results in a reduction in down time and a 50% reduction of on-site service visits, optimising business processes and predictive diagnostics.


Machine2World®, MS Windows, C#, C++, NHibernate, ASP.NET, MS SQL Server and Model Driven Software Development.



Kulicke and Soffa is a global supplier of Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Pick & Place solutions for the electronics manufacturing industry. The company  has an installed base of several thousand systems in Asia, Europe and America with each region having its own service centres and servicing responsibilities.