Fundamental innovation

The core of machine learning is developing a model from data for a specific task or application. Recent progress in this field - particularly in deep learning - is enabling fundamental innovation in virtually all industries. Using machine learning and data science, businesses and other organizations can create value and improve operational efficiency by developing and implementing innovative technology and applications, thereby reducing costs and increasing performance.

Complete lifecycle

Sioux uses state-of-the-art deep learning techniques and tools to build sophisticated algorithms from different types of data. From image analysis, and detection of patterns in sensor data to the extraction of information from textual data. Our scope covers the entire machine learning workflow. We support the complete lifecycle of a model from information extraction to automated integration into a high-tech system. Sioux delivers an end-to-end development process in which we design, create and manage reproducible, testable and tailor-made applications.

Data engineering and pipelines

The realization of total solutions in machine learning requires a wide range of competencies. With our wealth of knowledge in the field of optimization, image analysis and physics Sioux has a unique toolbox to deliver these solutions. In addition, Sioux has enormous expertise in software, mechatronics, and electronics. This gives us the necessary power in the field of data engineering and to build complex data pipelines. It also gives us the ability to integrate models in any environment: cloud, edge or embedded devices. Sioux can develop and implement complete systems and solutions powered by machine learning.

Machine Learning Applications

AI for sensor data
Predictive models for predictive maintenance, IoT solutions and machine control by information extraction from sensor and signal data, e.g. through anomaly detection and pattern recognition.
AI for image data
Sioux develops models for the automated execution of complex tasks based on 2D, 3D, 4D, video, multimodal and hyperspectral image data, including for new medical and agricultural applications.
AI for language processing
Automatic information extraction from large document collections, analysis of log files and speech-to-text or text-to-speech applications using machine learning. This enables us to achieve time, quality and cost efficiencies for our customers.

'Sioux translates the latest knowledge about deep learning to our Histolog Scanner and applications. We are revolutionizing tumour surgery together.'

Etienne Schaffer,
CTO of SamanTree

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