Joris is Electronics Engineer and has worked on many different high-tech projects within Sioux Technologies. An electronics-only project does not exist; there are always interfaces with software, mechanics, or physics.

Joris: 'When I took apart my father's radio as a child, my passion for electronics was born. I started studying electronics and eventually made it my profession. I used to finance my curiosity for surprising innovations in electronics with pocket money, now with the training budget of Sioux.'

Develop yourself and find your way

'There is no model pathway within Sioux. Everything is possible within Sioux. You can develop yourself at your own pace and determine your direction. For example, I started as a junior within Sioux to a role within FPGA and VHDL development. Later on, I moved towards analog and high voltage electronics. By regularly talking to my managers, I can outline my career path with them and look for suitable projects for me.'