‘Sioux helped me to reach my full potential’

After finishing the OOTI Training, Tatiana Ungureanu has been working as a software engineer at Sioux Technologies ever since.

Personal career coaching

Tatiana: ‘Sioux really distinguishes itself from other companies. At a lot of companies the end product has their main focus, at Sioux the people are the products. They invest a lot in the development of our careers because we are their biggest assets.’

At Sioux everyone has an own personal career coach that guides them through their career and helps every employee to realise their full potential.

Education budget

Tatiana: ‘I have seen several domains - electron microscopy, PCB printers, solar panel fabrication - and seen how various companies work. I worked on projects in several start-up companies, developing green-field ideas in interdisciplinary environments, and that has been very challenging and interesting. Sioux tried to match the projects to my personal interest and preference as much as possible. All the time there was a strong focus on me as a person.’

‘Every Sioux employee has a personal education budget to train their technical skills as well as their soft skills. Sioux helped me to reach my full potential by the project opportunities, the training and courses they provided me. I have an important influence on my own career path. Sioux has been very supportive in giving me the challenges that match my interest, talent and experience. But at the end of the day, I am still in the lead of my own career. That is a great feeling.’

Partnership and ownership

Sioux has a different vision on the way we handle projects and an own vision on what is important. Sioux believes very strongly in partnerships with their customers. Tatiana: ‘Through this, we are unique in the region. We aren’t just a service-provider but really part of the companies we work for. This makes being part of Sioux very rewarding. Everybody works together to find the best solutions. I really feel ownership for what I make. I have an important say in how things are done, this really motivates me and helps me to learn a lot.’