The customer’s challenge

Niko wants to give end users of their existing ‘Niko Home Control’ system an easy way to change the settings of their home automation programme themselves, instead of having to call the company that installed it. They are in need of an application that runs virtually on all of the user’s devices like tablets, smartphones (iOS, Android), desktops/laptops (Windows, Mac) and can connect to the Niko Home Control system.

Sioux's contribution

Sioux developed a multi-platform application that offers equal functionality and look & feel on all four supported platforms. The applications communicate with the Niko hardware through Wi-Fi and allow the end user to view and edit the configurations of their lights, thermostats, automated actions, etc. The user interface was implemented in accordance with the specific Niko graphic design, including animations and many custom controls. Sioux managed to make over 65% of the code reusable for all platforms, which greatly increases maintainability and testability.


The Niko customers are now in control of their own home with the new multi-platform application. End users can now manually change the settings of their Niko Home Control system.


.NET/C#, WPF and Xamarin (iOS, OS X, Android, Windows).


Niko is a global supplier of switching materials and home automation systems that are used in both residential and professional environments.